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EmFace and EmSculpt Neo offered in our Elgin location!

EmFace is the first non-invasive treatment available to improve appearance of forehead, cheeks, and submentum by using Synchronized Radiofrequency to heat the dermis and HIFESTM to stimulate the facial muscles.

  • No Needles
  • No Surgery
  • No Bruising
  • No Downtime
  • Stimulates Collagen and Elastin
  • Only method to help eliminate your double chin


EmSculpt Neo

EMSCULPT NEO is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that simultaneously combines Radiofrequency heating and HIFEM procedure to reduce fat and build muscle.

The treatment helps eliminate and removes fat cells from the body while also causing muscle growth through intense muscle contractions.

Clinical studies have shown an average of 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25% increase in muscle thickness with EMSCULPT NEO.  Treat any of the following areas:  abs, arms, legs, or buttocks

  • Reduce Back Pain
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Build Muscle
  • Burn Fat


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