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Mission Statement


Our Board-Certified physicians and staff at Mohs Surgery and Dermatology Center are committed to providing the most advanced and comprehensive care for our patients in a friendly and compassionate environment. Our doctors’ holistic approach involves more than just treating the skin condition. We focus on our patient as a whole and create individualized treatment plans. Furthermore, we believe in a team-oriented approach to patient care, where every staff member at Mohs Surgery and Dermatology Center works together to provide excellent Dermatology care for our patients.

About Mohs Surgery & Dermatology Center

Mohs Surgery & Dermatology Center (MSDC) provides comprehensive and cutting-edge medical care in areas of medical, cosmetic, surgical and pediatric dermatology.  Our center was the first medical practice to offer Mohs skin cancer surgery in Elgin, Crystal Lake, and surrounding areas.  Our experienced Board-Certified Dermatologists are extensively trained in the latest and most advanced treatments.  Moreover, as a private practice, we set ourselves apart by being committed to providing specialized dermatology care for our patients and the flexibility to work with our patients.